Lviv, 7 Serbska Str.
In the heart of Lviv, almost on Rynok Square.

There is a certain intimacy and secrecy – there are only 14 rooms, not too big, but enough to dive into the romantic poetics of Lviv


Breakfast is included in the room rate. You can choose in which restaurant to start your morning: Grand Cafe Leopolis, Lviv Galician Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery, Kryjivka, "Diana at Rynok Square" open air cafe


There is explicitness and sensuality – a bath in the middle of the room and the largest hotel beds you have ever seen, 3-4 meters in size, aux system with light and music. The rooms are equipped with a modern air conditioning system, Wi-Fi, a safe deposit, a kettle and bath accessories


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Here you may dive into the atmosphere of the works of the world’s first masochist and meet your Mistress who then will guide you through the couloirs of the Masoch-café, where you will face love, pain, passion and a bit of cruelty, as passion can`t do with it…

As we believe, Leopold himself would be delighted with our dishes and cocktails. Not only the dish itself is important but also the serving, so here it is in keeping of the best traditions of the works of the greatest romantic of Halychyna